Medical Marijuana: Stop and Think Before Taking That Smoke Break

While medical marijuana and soon recreational marijuana is legal, it does not mean you can freely use or medicate at work. Proceed with caution. […]

Looking Over Your Shoulder: Private Communications on Company Devices

Use of employer equipment to shop or access personal email can be problematic. Employees should not necessarily assume private email is always private. […]

Wages, Overtime and Breaks: Understanding the Power of the California Labor Commissioner

Penalties for violating the state’s wage and hour laws can escalate precipitously. And that doesn’t include the cost of legal fees or suits from employees. […]

Just Because Marijuana Is Legal Doesn’t Mean You Can Imbibe at Work

Whether a substance is legal is not the case—employees cannot show up to work in an altered state or use cannabis products at work. […]

Social Media and Your Employer: They Know, and It Can Hurt You

Employees have every right to post what they want on social media, but there can be consequences from employers, up to termination. […]