Policing Workplace Injuries Requires a Gentle Touch

Employers may think that routine drug testing after workplace injuries makes sense. OSHA has some thoughts on that. Consistency is the key. […]

Man Wins Millions After Firing Over Criminal Charges That Were Dismissed

A recent jury verdict in San Diego highlights the danger of making employment decisions before criminal charges are substantiated. […]

Election Day is Not a Holiday, But State Law Requires Time Off for Voting

Many employers may not know that state law requires that they notify employees how to take paid leave to vote in statewide elections. […]

EEOC Reports Increase in Sexual Harassment Complaints and Enforcement Actions

The federal agency reported a more than 50% increase in suits challenging sexual harassment in fiscal year 2018, as compared to the previous fiscal year. […]

Employers With Multiple Locations Need to Carefully Track Minimum Wages

Minimum wages vary widely from state to state, and even within states, as cities set their own minimum wages. Ignorance of increases are not tolerated. […]