Fires Spark Interest in OSHA, Air Quality Guidelines

Because smoke and particulate can travel hundreds of miles, employers need to take care of employee health, even when flames are distant. […]

Safety First: Ensure Employees Know All Channels to Report Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo movement has shown employers that it is often best to have multiple methods available to employees to report sexual harassment. […]

You May Feel Like Family, But Hugs Have No Home in the Workplace

One person's friendly embrace can easily become another person's nonconsensual physical contact, no matter how benign the original intent. […]

Hiring for "Fit" is Not Always the Smartest Strategy

Avoid building a homogenous workforce of "Mini-Me's" who look, act and think like you. Instead, avoid potential discrimination pitfalls and embrace diversity by ditching the myth of hiring for "fit." […]

California Supreme Court Spells Out the ABCs of Gig Economy Worker Classification

The California Supreme Court has made it harder to designate a worker as an independent contractor. Employers need to understand and heed this important "gig economy" workplace decision. […]