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Pregnancy Leave

Applicability of the Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act (CFRA) differs with pregnant employees and can create a trap for national employers resulting in potential liabilty. […]

Employers Need to Tread Carefully Around Substance Abuse Issues

Employers must tread carefully if an employee comes to them asking for an accommodation for substance abuse treatment, particularly if the employer did not previously know of their condition. Employers must work hard to identify and curtail inherent biases, and ensure these do not come into play during employee evaluations. […]

Getting Dressed for Work: What’s Allowed and What’s Forbidden

Applicants can be denied a job because a potential employer objects to multiple visible tattoos or piercings. And once hired, if an employee’s appearance changes substantially in specific ways such as an increase in visible tattoos and/or piercings, an employer has a right to request that employees adhere to appearance standards outlined in its employee handbook. […]