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Avoid the Incendiary, Expensive Costs of a Retaliatory Termination

Retaliatory firing happens when emotion takes over, when firing seems to solve a problem in the short term, and employers fail to look at long-term consequences. Companies can “buy” a lawsuit for an underlying claim that turns out not to be valid because of how they have treated the messenger. Such claims are difficult to fight and open employers to punitive damages. […]

Don’t Run Afoul of the Law When Conducting Criminal Background Checks

Employers need an applicant’s informed and express written permission to run a background check on an applicant. Several cities have recently passed “ban the box” legislation, restricting an employer’s ability to ask about criminal records on applications and in job interviews. Whether or not employers do business there, it is important to know when and how an employer may conduct a background check. […]

Don’t Fall Into Legal Traps in the Gig Economy

There is a strong financial motivation for companies to classify their workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Violations can result in state agency enforcement, individual lawsuits and class action litigation. […]