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How to Juggle Employee Vacations During the Holidays

While some of us may feel entitled to take time off for religious or secular holidays, the time off is treated as any vacation time, if not otherwise designated as a paid holiday by the employer. Paid holidays are a benefit, not a right. Employers have the right to place reasonable limitations on vacation requests of any kind to control staffing needs. […]

Small Employers in California Must Offer Newborn Bonding Leave for Parents as of January 1, 2018

Some 2.7 million employees will now enjoy the same unpaid leave, job security, and continued health care benefits as employees of larger companies receive under federal law. […]

Employers Must Provide Ample Due Process in Sexual Harassment Cases

With a wave of women feeling emboldened to share stories about workplace harassment, employers need to know how to investigate claims and ensure they are providing due process to those accused of misconduct. […]