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Some Flexible Schedules Aren’t As Flexible as Employees May Believe

California law has a lot to say about the eight-hour workday. Working four 10-hour shifts to create three-day weekends is not as simple as it appears. […]

The First Amendment Does Not Allow Discriminatory Speech at Work

Under the law, you are free to express any opinion. But because the First Amendment restricts government, not employers, there will be consequences in the workplace. […]

Protect Details About Your Age From Employers

Age discrimination is a silent killer, difficult to detect and even harder to treat. Job candidates should be careful to protect personal history that could work against them. […]

It’s 2018 and Time for California to Impose New Laws on California Employers

With the start of the New Year, California employers should be aware of some new laws that will impact their relationship with their employees and applicants. […]