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Sometimes an employer can think that complying with California employment law feels like trying to find a way through a maze blindfolded. Actually, it is possible to comply with state and federal wage and hour laws, ensure employee rights under the law, and foster a productive work environment, all at the same time.

At Walters & Caietti, we advise employers and employees on all types of employment law matters including overtime regulations, sexual harassment, employment discriminationlink to Employment Law – Consulting].

California and federal employment law is meant to define the responsibilities of employer and employee. Often, we find that an employment law problem begins when a new employee walks through the door. At that point in time, the employee’s status should be defined as that of an exempt employee or a nonexempt employee. Employers and employees must both have a clear understanding of the difference between the two, and how the employment laws work in each situation, but often this is not the case.

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As highly experienced employment law attorneys, we regularly advise and train employers in how to comply with the California employment law and how to avoid legal problems. California employment law can sometimes be confusing, but it is not a blind maze. With our help you can comply with the law while maintaining a productive and enjoyable working environment.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience in the resolution of overtime and wage disputes in the California counties of San Diego and Riverside. The overtime dispute attorney you consult with at Walters & Caietti will identify the nature of your problem and develop the best strategy to handle the dispute. If litigation does appear to be the best option, our lawyers will assertively pursue or defend your case.

We have taken more than one-hundred jury trials through to verdict. Recently, we prevailed in a class-action trial on behalf of employees of a major national corporation, and won a verdict of eighteen million dollars on behalf of our clients.

Riverside Overtime Dispute Attorney

Happy and motivated employees want to serve customers, so much so that often employers will allow or subtly encourage an employee to work through a break or beyond their allotted hours. Employees in these situations often comply or don’t realize that their action may indeed constitute a breach of overtime law as it affects nonexempt employees.

At Caietti Law Group, A.P.C., we help clients recognize potential problems and put in place policies and procedures to prevent problems from emerging. When a troublesome issue becomes a real threat, we energetically pursue legal solutions for our clients.

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Riverside Overtime Dispute Attorney
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