Sexual Harassment

Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney

For an employer or employee, a sexual harassment headache can begin innocently enough. An employee happens to find himself in the break room whenever a certain co-worker is there. Good-natured banter starts to get more and more risqué. A photo or cartoon gets passed around. If the behavior continues, an improper, serious, or even illegal situation can arise – perhaps leading to the departure of a valued employee or even a work place sexual harassment lawsuit. Either way, both employer and employee will suffer.

At Walters & Caietti, we advise and represent employers and employees in all types of employment law matters including sexual harassment, employment discrimination, overtime regulations, and compliance with California employment law.

Avoiding a Harassment Lawsuit

The lawyers at Caietti Law Group, A.P.C. help employers foster good work environments through analysis of work place conditions and counsel. We write employment manuals and policies that protect clients’ rights and interests and clearly state employer expectations for the behavior of employees. We conduct sexual harassment training and workshops for employees and supervisors. We teach managers how to recognize potential work place problems so they can take action to prevent a possible harassment lawsuit.

Employers know that a comfortable work environment can lead to greater employee satisfaction and higher work place productivity. The attorneys at Caietti Law Group, A.P.C. help make that happen.

Litigating a Harassment Lawsuit

In most cases, just one work place incident will not be enough to spark a harassment lawsuit. If the behavior is egregious, becomes habitual or part of a pattern, or violates stalking laws, then an employer may be sued for sexual harassment. In addition to the legal liability to which the company is exposed, such an event can be very disruptive to employee morale and the work place environment, and it can generate unfavorable publicity.

When this occurs, then the employer or employee needs a San Diego and Riverside sexual harassment attorney experienced in litigation and who knows how to get results.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the resolution of sexual harassment disputes in California and the counties of San Diego and Riverside.

San Diego and Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney

The San Diego / Riverside sexual harassment attorney with which you consult at Caietti Law Group, A.P.C. understands the law and how to present compelling presentations at trial. We have tried more than one-hundred trials in California in employment law and other related areas of law. We understand the rules of evidence and procedure. We know how opposing counsel could frame their arguments and how to present effective challenges to their assertions. We are dedicated to seeing our clients prevail.

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Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorney
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