Business Law and California Trade Secret Litigation Attorney
Protecting Business Information and Assets

For a service-oriented and knowledge-based business, protecting confidential proprietary and trade secret information and know-how can be critical to the company's long-term survival. Caietti Law Group, APC advises businesses in ways to protect their trade secrets, customer lists, intellectual property, and other critical business documents and information.

Caietti Law Group, APC, advises clients regarding a number of different issues including, but not limited to:

  • Develop and implement trade secret and business information policies and programs
  • Work with clients to identify vulnerable trade secret and business information
  • Develop employee confidentiality agreements separate and apart from employee contracts
  • Advise clients in ways of preventing competitors from hiring away key sales and management personnel
  • Advise on trade secret-related employee terminations
  • Advise on trade secret-related litigation
  • Pursue and defend trade secret and business information misappropriation and theft litigation
  • Pursue and defend copyright and trademark litigation
  • Provide advice and representation in many other business information matters

San Diego Business Law Attorney

First and foremost, the firm's counsel is designed to prevent loss and preserve the intellectual property and assets of its clients. When trade secret misappropriation and theft does occur, or allegations of such misappropriation and theft are made, Caietti Law Group, takes the necessary steps to protects its clients' rights and interests through the pursuit and defense of trade secret and intellectual property litigation.

A business builds its customer list or trade secrets over many years and through intense effort. If a business manager is not careful, these assets can walk out the door has wholly east to part for competitors or to start their own enterprise. With the help of Caietti Law Group, APC, you can protect and preserve these critical assets.

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