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Fostering a productive work environment while complying with California employment law is not easy. California and federal equal employment laws can be complex.

Insuring compliance can be costly, but the cost of noncompliance can be far higher. Caietti Law Group, APC, the firm provides focused and cost-effective legal advice and consulting services designed to help businesses comply with employment law and avoid potential legal risk.

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Protecting the Rights and Interests of Employers

Much of our work involves consulting with employers of how they can prevent problems from merging in the first place. Caietti Law Group, APC, drafts employee handbooks and recommends applicable employment personnel policies depending on the nature, size, and needs of the business.

The firm also advises on wage and hour disputes, and how employers can avoid problems through the use of certain language in the hiring process as well as in any applicable employee handbook policy.

We pay special attention to sales commission issues/plans and provide advice that helps clients both comply with the law and offer incentive compensation programs that really work. We also focus on advising and implementing appropriate bonus plans that benefit not only the employer, but the employee.

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Issues

Caietti Law Group, APC can advise you on discrimination issues including those involving disability, race, sex and age. If an employee is on the job, you, as an employer, have a responsibility to provide reasonable accommodation where necessary and applicable which we are happy to explain in step-by-step detail.

We can help you reduce or avoid sexual-harassment concerns by advising you on how to build a work environment that is friendly, and not hostile to employees.

When a real problem does arise involving a potential lawsuit or termination matter, an employer should address the matter as quickly as possible. Caietti Law Group, APC can provide pre-litigation assessment and analysis designed to minimize the emergence of additional related problems as well as prepare an effective litigation strategy for San Diego and Riverside businesses.

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