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Firm Overview

At Caietti Law Group, A.P.C., our lawyers learned their craft and made their mark at larger law firms. While we compiled a strong record of success there, we became aware of the shortcomings of the large law firm approach – the impersonality, the stress, the distance from the client.

We left the large firm environment to form Caietti Law Group, A.P.C. with the aim of providing legal services custom tailored to meet the needs and solve the problems of individuals and businesses. At our firm, we can stay involved in all aspects of the case, and give attentive and personalized service to our clients.

The Team Approach of Caietti Law Group, A.P.C.

We are a small team of attorneys and legal professionals, and each attorney and legal professional in our practice stays involved and knowledgeable of the cases on which our colleagues are working. Our clients benefit from this approach by receiving advice and representation that gets results. When you hire a San Diego County discrimination attorney at Caietti Law Group, A.P.C., you are getting more than an attorney – you are hiring a dedicated team of legal professionals to work for you.

Whether the matter involves a wrongful termination matter, disability discrimination matter,  unlawful retaliation in the workplace, or a labor law issue involving overtime, we will serve you with professionalism and passion.

For a free initial consultation with a San Diego County discrimination attorney at Caietti Law Group, A.P.C., call toll free (858) 623-5644, or contact us online