When an attorney handles your case in a negligent manner, you have the chance to right that wrong through a malpractice suit. In order to be successful you must show two things: 1) that your attorney handled the case in a negligent manner, and 2) that this negatively impacted the outcome of your case.

For example, a legal malpractice case based on an attorney’s negligence can include the following: inaccurate drafting of a contract, a Will or Trust, Trust Amendment, or a Settlement Agreement, or providing poor advice. Deliberate conduct can include actions like: failing to file on time, failing to respond to opposing counsel, engaging in criminal activity, such as fraud, deceit, or exerting undue influence. This can also include a breach of their fiduciary duty.

If there has been wrongdoing on the part of your previous attorney, you may have the option to sue.

Robert Caietti has the depth of experience in the area of legal malpractice as it pertains to general malpractice issues. In addition, he has a solid background in how legal malpractice may be a component in cases of Financial Elder Abuse, and Contested Probate and Estate Planning. This list is not exhaustive so we invite you to speak with us about your potential case.

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