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In the hiring and subsequent managing of their employees, California employers must avoid numerous pitfalls. Failure to properly comply with California wage and hour laws including in the areas of overtime and rest and meal break requirements can result in the imposition of substantial penalties and litigation.

At Caietti Law Group, APC, in San Diego and Riverside, the law firm has extensive experience with wage and hour law claims defending employers both in state court and before the California Labor Commissioner with respect to alleged violations of California wage and hour statutes.   Caietti Law Group, APC, also advises and consults with employers and employees with respect to their obligations and rights under the California wage and hour laws in an effort to insure compliance and avoid litigation.

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Defining Exempt Employees, Nonexempt Employees and Contractors

It used to be easy to classify employees and to structure and manage personnel policies including compensation plans. But as companies strive to compete in dynamic markets, new ways of labor utilization have developed.

Job sharing, flex time and new forms of compensation can benefit both employer and employee, but they can present traps for employers who are not careful. Misclassification of employees as exempt or as independent contractors can have major financial consequences. The law in this area requires the employer, not the employee, to prove the classification as an exempt employee or as an independent contractor if challenged in litigation. The wise employer will review employment classifications on a regular basis to ensure compliance with California and federal wage and hour laws.

Caietti Law Group, APC, has extensive experience in representing employees and employers in claims made under California wage and hour laws including issues involving the classification of exempt v. nonexempt employees and the use of independent contractors. The firm stays on top of the changes taking place in California wage and hour law and uses this knowledge to advise and consult with employers to insure compliance with the wage and hour laws while maintaining a productive workplace.

Paid Meal and Rest Breaks, Unpain Meal Breaks and No Meal and Rest Breaks

Caietti Law Group, APC, has comprehensive knowledge and experience of hourly wages and pay dispute matters including alleged violations of California overtime laws and rest and meal break requirements.

In addition to consulting with clients to avoid the risks of violating the California wage and hour laws, Caietti Law Group, APC provides assertive and experienced representation for employers and employees in court, before the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement/Labor Board Commissioner and before the California Unemployment Appeals Board.

Pay Disputes

The starting point for a pay dispute begins when the employee or independent contractor first interviews for the position. With the help and advice of Caietti Law Group, APC, you can minimize or avoid the problems such a conflict can present. When disputes cannot be avoided, such as claims for unpaid overtime claims and payment of unused vacation time, we provide efficient and skillful representation.

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